Celebration Sunday Questions/Answers


1. What is Celebration Sunday?

Celebration Sunday is an intentional effort of all participating Christian churches in the Houston and surrounding areas to preach a salvation message/sermon on a specific Sunday to the lost that were pre-invited to their church by the church  congregants. The church hosting the Celebration Sunday would then be responsible for follow-up and discipleship of the new converts.


2. When will the Celebration Sundays be held?

In 2016, Celebration Sundays will be held on 5th Sundays. However, a church can decide to have Celebration Sunday more often but if you choose to, please host the 5th Sunday with all the other churches then include additional Sundays per your preference.


3. Is there a specific Salvation message/sermon or Scripture that I have to use? Absolutely not!

Since Celebration Sunday is specifically about winning souls, all we ask is that you preach a Salvation message/sermon. What you preach, the style of preaching and what scriptures you use is totally based on the process you currently use to preach other messages/sermons.


4. Why should my church participate in Celebration Sunday?

How is this different from what we already do? Although, in every church we all offer salvation on Sundays, this is a more focused approach working synergistically in order to allow churches all over the city to work in a more concerted effort together to respond and accomplish one common goal on the same day as one body for the Kingdom of God and for the sake of our entire city. By bringing evangelism to the forefront in a simple, time-tested way, it allows each member of the congregation to be enthused and empowered to do the work of an evangelist. By demonstration, it allows them not only to participate in Celebration Sunday but as their mind continues to get renewed over time due to an easy, reinforced, repeatable process they will naturally embrace evangelism thus increasing Celebration Sunday from a few times a year to every Sunday! As a bonus, not only are new converts ushered into the Kingdom of God but you have the privilege to disciple these new converts and teach them from the beginning of their journey with God how to do the work of an evangelist which in turn ushers more coverts into the Kingdom as well as into your church!


5. Why should I consider participating if I already have an Evangelism Team?

Participating in this program increases your reach. Most evangelism teams focus on those that are without the church that we do not know (complete strangers) but this program will serve as a compliment to your existing evangelism efforts by having all of your congregants in the church to focus on those that they do know (family, friends, co-workers, associates, etc.). By focusing on those you know and don’t know, everyone in your area of influence will be touched by the gospel!


6. How much money does our church need to give in order to participate or support Celebration Sunday?

We are not seeking any donations from your church. Your church does not have to give any money, offerings or donations to be a part of Celebration Sundays. This program can be done at zero-cost; however, if you decide to print materials or provide any items, foods, etc. to your congregants or visitors then the associated costs will be the responsibility of your church.


7. What type of support will you provide my church?

We will provide you all the online resources you need in order to support Celebration Sundays at your church. You can choose to print some of the resources at your church or at your local printer per your preference. We will send you reminder emails as the day of Celebration Sunday approaches as well as send you metrics indicating the success of the previous Celebration Sunday as reported by all participating churches. We are also here to meet with you in-person or via email or phone if questions or further support needed.


8. What Christian Denomination can participate in Celebration Sunday?

Celebration Sunday is not a denomination-specific program. This is a Christian program that will include churches in the Greater Houston area from all Christian denominations and Christian Non-denominational churches. Please note that we have the right to exclude churches who profess Christianity but are found to either be non-Christian and/or the church does not uphold the moral guidelines as established in the Holy Bible (Example: If it is found that a church is performing same-sex marriages then that church will be removed from the list of Church Participants).


9. What else can my congregants do to invite the lost to come on Celebration Sunday?

There are many other ways your congregants can go the extra mile to promote Celebration Sundays. Here are a few examples: • Congregants can use Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) to promote Celebration Sunday and invite their Family & Friends. • If you are using the business card sized invitations, your congregants can pass out the invitation to people that they converse with during their public outings (cashier at their local gas station or grocery store, other parents, neighbors, people that they converse with at a local restaurant, etc). • Congregants can advertise by putting the invitation or a flyer on cars, in neighborhoods or in public restrooms. • You can encourage congregants to be persistent. If your congregant invited someone to Celebration Sunday but they didn’t attend, have your congregants continue to pray for them and invite them to the next Celebration Sunday. Have your congregant keep praying and keep inviting them until they do attend!


10. If our church hosts a Celebration Sunday, what information do we need to report to you?

We want to measure the success of the program and share those results with all the churches participating in Celebration Sunday, as well as those churches that are considering participation. We ask that all churches let us know the number of new converts that have committed their lives to the Lord as a result of attending the Celebration Sunday service.


11. What do I need to do now if I want my church to participate in Celebration Sunday?

You can notify us of your participation by calling us at 713-294-9894 or by emailing us at Please make sure to include in the email the following: Your First and Last Name, Church Name and Contact Phone number.


12. What if I have more questions? Who do I need to contact?

You can email The Church on Fire Christian Center of Sugar Land, TX at or you can contact Pastor Donnell Vigers directly by phone at 713-294-9894 or Minister Stephanie Vigers at 713-294-9638 if you have any additional questions.


Thank you for your support. God Bless You.