youth ministry

Celebration Sunday is a day where each church would host a soul-winning event in their own church on 5th Sundays (1/31, 3/29, 5/31, and 8/30). At a minimum, each church would simply:


     • Ask all your congregants to write down the names of those they know are lost

     • Ask all your congregants to pray for those that are written down on their list

     • Ask all your congregants to invite (also bring them, if possible) those that are written down on their list to church on one of
       the Celebration Sunday days.

     • Have either yourself or an assigned minister preach a salvation message

     • Follow-up and Disciple your new converts


Although, in every church we all offer salvation on Sundays, this is a more focused approach in order to:


     • Bring evangelism to the forefront

     • Demonstrate and Teach each congregant how simple it is to reach the lost

     • Empower each congregant to do the work of an evangelist by using a repeatable process

     • Necessitate evangelism in each congregant so, over time, it becomes part of their daily lives

     • Allow churches to work in a more concerted effort together to accomplish one common goal

     • Fulfill the Great Commission