Donnell Vigers is the Senior Pastor of the Church on Fire Christian Center in Sugar Land, TX where his wife, Stephanie Vigers serves under his leadership as Pastor. In 2013, Stephanie Vigers was led to contact Christ for all Nations (CfaN) in Orlando, Florida to request information on how a Reinhard Bonnke Gospel Crusade could be held in Houston, TX. After the details were given and further prayer, Donnell Vigers agreed and approved to start the appeal process to gather the minimum support from 100-150 local churches in order for our city to be considered as a potential crusade site. After months of gathering support and working with CfaN, a two-night Reinhard Bonnke Gospel Crusade was held in Houston, TX on February 20th and 21st of 2015, in which 27,050 people attended and 2,750 people completed decision cards to either accept Christ or rededicate their life to Christ.


Donnell and Stephanie as well as other senior leaders in the city had the privilege of serving on the Executive Committee for the Houston Crusade. Much knowledge and expertise was gained during these encounters, which eventually served as the foundation to continue our post-crusade efforts in order to support the vision that both “Houston Shall Be Saved” and “America Shall Be Saved”. Celebration Sundays is a concept that was based off of the original model created by CfaN where we ask the church to invite and bring those that they know are lost to hear a gospel message. Celebration Sundays is one part of a regional effort to bring churches together to collaborate and work in unity to stand as one not only to save our city but to have a global reaching impact by what we do here and also to help implement some of the same activities in other cities and states in order to transform our families, our regions, our nations and our world.